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Prestige students love learning about heroes, character traits, artists, composers and manners. Ask them what they learned in school and they are likely to tell you that George Washington Carver invented more than 100 products from peanuts or that helpfulness is all about cooperation!


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Classes are offered in these age ranges:

  • Infant 6 weeks+
    • Our Infant program focuses on the development of language, in addition to social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills. Our nurturing staff helps your infant explore and learn, while feeling safe and secure. We promote learning with plenty of one-on-one care.
  • Toddler 12-24 months
    • Our Toddler program focuses on those little ones as they start to navigate their environment. We continue to build on both cognitive and physical growth, along with problem solving and self-help skills. Our program focusing on teaching toddlers how to play and communicate with each other.
  • Prepper 24-30/36 months
    • Our Prepper program is designed to focus on independence, as children become more aware of the world around them. Children are increasingly active in their own development, as we focus on social/emotional skills, language, and cognitive/physical skills.
  • Junior Preschool 30-36 months
    • Our Jr. Preschool program focuses on children growing in their own independence. This is the dividing line between toddlers, and children getting ready for preschool. Our room and curriculum is designed to help make this transition both easy and intuitive.
  • Preschool 3-4 Years
    • Our Preschool program includes a wide variety of learning opportunities for children. Our trusted curriculum allows children exploration of their world with the safety and support of our experienced teachers. We include activities that promote creativity, curiosity, and learning - from reading, to math, and even home life. These are the skills that your child will need to prepare for kindergarten.
  • Pre Kindergarten 4-5 Years
    • Our Pre-Kindergarten program offers children the next step in their preparation for kindergarten. Your child will learn to work with others in a group setting, while our teachers focus on educational advancement. Children better learn to communicate and express their thoughts in an open and welcoming environment, giving your child the opportunity to have a successful kindergarten experience.
  • School Age 5-12
    • Our School Age program is for before or after school time, and includes school holidays. We offer children an ideal environment to complete homework, and engage with other children in creative activities - including fieldtrips! Our teachers help your child successfully complete their homework, and engage with children in group games, art projects, and outdoor physical exercise. Our School Age room is a fun and safe place to be when the school day is done.

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